Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4: 183 pounds

I seem to be going the wrong way. I could have lied and said it stayed the same or something, but that's not what's happening. I gained 2 pounds. Ok, I need to get serious.

Or at least, more serious.

This past weekend, specifically Sunday night, was laden with rich foods, many beers, and loud screaming as a houseful of people watched the Vikings end their run. I wasn't exactly shy about bellying up to the buffet either. But now, those Sunday yell-and-eat fests are over. Whew!

My other nemesis: the couch. I have become one with the couch for far too many hours, far too often. Having no money to go anywhere makes the couch an obvious choice, but I have other choices. I have a multi-station, a situp bench, and a treadmill, for Christ's sake!

Oh, and there is the closet. Every morning, I push hangers around looking for the shirts that still fit, or feel comfortable to wear. I own several shirts, but I wear few of them. And I am down to a couple pairs of pants I wear. Oh sure, there are several pairs hanging there as well, but they don't fit yet. Yet!

So, despite Fred's dislike for my toes, I'm going to post a scale pic at every 5 pound interval. I'm eager to get to one, if only to bother him. That's motivation!

1 comment:

  1. I think you should take a picture of your ugly toes when you gain *any* weight. Say a picture a pound?

    I also think your feet look like they belong on Barney Rubble.

    Your loving buddy, Sasquatch...