Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 40: 178 pounds

Ok, so I had to take a break from the Couch-to-5K thing for a week, because my father was in the hospital and I spent all of my available time there. He is recovering nicely now, after beating back congestive heart failure. But I learned a few startling things during the time I was visiting him. Actually no, I guess I knew them all along, but they never really registered with me until now. I'm gonna die of a heart attack, assuming I don't get hit by a truck first. It's in my family, on both sides. My dad's dad had a heart attack, my mom's dad had a heart attack, my dad's birth mother did, as did my mom's mom and her mom as well; all heart attacks. So, I guess I know what my ticket out will be.

Seeing my father in the hospital, all hooked up to enough technology to amaze NASA, made me project myself there in a few years. I didn't like it. Gotta work the program harder, so I can reduce my risk.

But then the surgeon that performed the procedure added this little bit of wisdom: "I've seen people in horrible shape, and people in fine-tuned athletic shape, suffer congestive heart failure, so one never knows." Great. What's the point then?

Oh, I know: So when the hot nurses are hooking me up to NASA, I'm not too embarrassed by my body. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 38: 179 pounds

I finished my weekly run regimen last night for Week 2. I get today off, and start Week 3 tomorrow. I'm actually excited about it, because although my legs would disagree, I really believe I can do this! Now, saying "I get today off" makes it sound like a vacation from something bad. To be honest, it IS bad. I get tired, sweaty, sore... all the rest. But the payoff is worth it, so I keep plugging away. Also, I have gone fairly public with this effort, posting it on my Facebook page as well as the CoolRunnings site and their Facebook page. Imagine my embarrassment if I don't follow through. It's gotta be worse than the embarrassment I feel when I look at myself in the mirror after a shower. And that's pretty embarrassing!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 37: 180 pounds

I am a teacher. I am now back to work for the year. I took the summer off. I had plans of working my weight-loss plan HARD over the summer, and returning a lean, mean, fighting machine! However, I took the summer off of that plan too. (sigh!). So, here I go again. For anyone reading this also struggling with weight loss and going nowhere, I'm the mascot!

But I started a running program called "Couch To 5K". The info is here:
So, in 9 weeks, I'll be running a 5K! How the heck is it possible for me to NOT lose weight while training for this?

And I know, it is a chuckle for those runners out there, hearing someone say "I'm in training for a 5K". Really? Well in fact, yes. The program is called "COUCH To 5K" for a reason. I got the "couch" part down. I just need to work on the rest.

So I have successfully completed week one. It's not that bad. I think I can do this!