Friday, December 10, 2010

Week 50: 176 pounds

I just realized how long it has been since I updated this blog. Looking back over the post titles, I am not seeing the numbers I hoped to see, but I am seeing what I guess I expected to see. I know this body. I've lived in it all my life.

That said, I finished the C25K plan runs, and the Turkey Day 5K came and went. I didn't run in the 5K, but it came and went. My buddy ran however, of course. The temperature was 5 degrees! Call me wimpy, I don't care. I was warm.

Thanksgiving was a bounty of food as usual, and I rose to the occasion and did my level best to reduce the amount of potential leftovers. My mother-in-law commented on how much thinner I look, and I was feeling it too! Before dinner, that is. But I noticed that it took less food than usual to get me to that "Good God, just cut me open I can't take the pain!" point post-meal. So that's nice.

In the wake of Thanksgiving and the absense of the pressure to train for the 5K I never ran in, I have stopped running again. I tell myself daily that I am making a mistake and need to get back at it. And I will. Now that I've said it here, I know I actually will, too. Something about posting my intentions here makes me want to follow through on them just that much more. So there is that....