Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 1: 185 pounds

I'm going to make entries with my current weight in the title. No sense burying it in the body of the text. It is what it is, and it is going to change!!


  1. Today, I ate a 3 egg omelet for breakfast, a burrito for lunch that was the size of my head and for dinner I plan to eat a chocolate covered chihuahua smothered in a heavy syrup of motor oil and chicken fat.

    After that I am going to run a iron man triathlon and lose all the weight that I put on ever in my life!

    Following that, my funeral.

    I could use a pallbearer. Doing anything Saturday?

    In all seriousness. I remember the days of riding bikes and the path that was carved straight between our houses through subdivisions that was literally a straight line. Running through the woods and having to mow the lawns kept us going. Too bad that food was used to sooth our souls when the shit would hit the fan in our lives.

    Good luck with your progress. Since food can be used as much as alcohol to sooth our tender egos, have you thought about trying Overeaters Anonymous?

    I personally have attended several Exercise Anonymous meetings. They have big comfy couches to sit on.

  2. Sometimes, I must admit, a chocolate covered chihuahua would sound pretty good! But I don't need Overeaters Anonymous because I don't overeat, I just don't do it wisely. I'm not the type to hoard/hide food, or make a special trip to go get something to satisfy a craving. But on impulse, say, at the checkout, oh Lord I'm a pushover!!