Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2: 183 pounds

Not a monumental loss, but a loss! And, I am additionally happy that it is a loss and not a gain, given my weekend! Too much football watching with the boys just happens to include too much beer and Gina Maria's pizza. Add to that, the fact that I only worked out once all week and I am truly happy!
Oh, and I do get a bit of exercise every Saturday morning when I go to dance class. Yes, yes I do. I am doing (for the sixth year now!) the "daddy-daughter" dance with my daughter at her dance studio. It is an absolute hoot! A room full of middle-aged, mostly white, mostly out-of-shape men, trying to move in sync. Hilarious! We do more laughing than dancing, which I am told is good for the abs. This year is a hip hop number, complete with MC Hammer moves and everything. Gotta find my parachute pants...
And, one additional bit of "good" to report this week, I am able to tighten my belt one hole! And I don't have to exhale deeply before doing so. I think that's progress...

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  1. WOO HOOO!

    Okay, the daddy-daughter dance classes are freaking awesome! You are one good dad!!! :)