Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The beginning is always encouraging...

Today, just for fun, I got on the scale and was down 2 pounds. Wait a minute- let me explain. I don't mean getting on the scale is fun, I just did it because it was there. I also sort of expected to punish myself because I had a piece of cake at an event last night, after being so "good" all day. Ok, ok, I know one piece of cake won't make a huge difference in the big picture, but I did it, I admit it, and there it is. Could I have been down more if I hadn't had the cake? I dunno. There's my punishment.
Oh, and I'm not a calorie counter. I look at the numbers (fat, calories, sodium, etc...) and round up before deciding whether or not to eat whatever it is that has the label I am reading, but I am not one of those who charts every number. Some advise that dieters do this, others don't, I don't care.
Everyone has advice, no one is right. There are so many diet plans out there...

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  1. To paraphrase Lara, "Eat like you are a Type II Diabetic, because that is what we should really be eating."

    Refined carbohydrates (sugars) = bad (Always!)

    Unrefined carbohydrates = Good in moderation

    Other hints that might work for you:

    Eat your proteins first. That means meats, cheeses, legumes (beans and nuts) should be the first thing you eat. Load up on good ones too, not the fast food shit that we both love and would consume as long as we see it on a television commercial.

    Then fruits and veggies.

    Load up on the desserts last because, well it is dessert.

    Another thing to look at is dessert that is not really full of bad stuff (Madwoman Bakery in South Minneapolis sells stuff very very tasty desserts that are actually good for you!) I have an almond scone recipe that is wonderful and has no refined sugars at all. They can be eaten without the glycemic hit that will cause you to have more cravings for sugar hence starting a rollercoaster of sugary consumption Hell that is not a good thing.

    But then again, WTF do I know?