Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 44: 177 pounds

Give or take a few, I suppose. The numbers aren't reflecting the progress I am making, but I don't really care. I started Week 5 of the C25K Plan, and I gotta say this week is easier than Week 4 was. But I also think some of that is due to conditioning too. It's getting easier because I'm getting better. I can feel the difference in my stomach, and my clothes are starting to fit again.
Last week was a "cluster" for scheduling, so I ran Sunday, and then not again until Thursday and right away again Friday. I got my Week 4 done that way, but it sucked. I didn't get the day between for recovery that they recommend, and I felt it on Saturday. But sure enough, Sunday came along like it always does, and I started Week 5. When I was done, I felt pretty good which was lucky for me because I needed to take a quick shower and get to work, where I spent the whole 8 hours on my feet running around like mad. THANK GOD FOR 5-HOUR ENERGY!!!! I really love that stuff. My breakfast on Sunday consisted of a cereal bar, a Diet coke, and a 5-Hour Energy. And I felt great all day. Collapsed into a blubbering heap that night, but felt great all day!
I'm posting my progress at the C25K Facebook page too, and it is so great to see the inspiring posts from others there going through this too. Some are just starting out and doubtful of their potential, and others are veterans offering up "if I can you can too" style encouragement. It's really nice. I'm somewhere in the middle now; not a newbie but not done either. I like it here.
I was challenged by my friend to run in the Turkey Day 5K this year, and going by the calendar that would be just about the right timing assuming I am sticking to the program. And I am assuming as much, so we'll see. For now I am not making that promise, because he is going through the recent loss of his dad and has other things to think about now, but maybe in time we'll revisit the notion. Until then, gotta keep running.

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