Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 42: 178 pounds

Back at it! I started running again, and I have decided to repeat Week 3 of the Couch to 5K Plan. Not as a form of self-punishment, but because I really need to get back up to where I was before thinking I can just jump into it. And honestly, Weeks 1 and 2 were not all that dang hard. Sure, I was sweaty and breathing hard, but other stuff causes that too. Week 3 isn't really hard either in the grand scheme of it all, but for a lump like me it is enough of a challenge for me to be respectful of it.

Ooh, and a big ball!!

I have one of those stability balls that I use for doing sit-ups on, and let me tell ya it is SO MUCH BETTER ON THE BACK! My lower back has been doing weird things lately, and I really notice it during sit-ups. This thing is a hoot! Sure, I like to bounce around on it too. Who wouldn't? But the little plug that goes into the air fill hole is rather intimidating. It's like FOUR INCHES LONG! I have this nightmare-ish vision of the ball popping while I'm sitting on it, and the spike impaling me right through the "Exit Only" sign.

But I still bounce on it. Can't resist.

Back to the Plan: I am supposed to run three days a week (every other day), and take 2 days off to recover. Golly, a M-W-F "on", Sa-Su "off" schedule seems right on. But no, I tried that and found that it's better for me to do a Su-Tu-Th "on", F-Sa "off" approach. Sunday mornings I get up before everyone else anyway, so I have plenty of time to get in a workout and a run, take a shower, and have a bowl of cereal before anyone else is even stirring. It's nice. That leaves two nights in the middle of the week. Two nights! Psshhh! Who can't commit to two nights? AND, I'm talking about a commitment of about 45 minutes total, if I take my time.

Seriously, if I whine about how I can't do this, come find me and offer up the head-smack I deserve.

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