Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 18: 180 pounds

...but I feel much fatter than that. In fact, I put on a shirt that used to fit me pretty well after my previous 50 pound weight loss, and it was tight. I looked back a few posts ago when I was saying something about feeling thinner despite the number on the scale, but that certainly is not today. And surely not right at this moment. Let me explain...

This morning I was a bit more rushed than I usually allow myself to be, and as such I didn't have my usual bowl of cereal. No biggie, I told myself, I'll just pick something up on the way in to work. I stopped at Burger King for a croisanwich (good LORD those things are good!), and a diet coke. The kind lady at the window accidentally put two in the bag (I checked the receipt; one was "free"), and I told myself I wasn't going to eat the second one, since I wasn't planning on eating two anyway and who in the world needs two of them? So, after I finished the second one, I was berating myself for being so weak in the face of temptation, and bracing myself for the inevitable discomfort that comes from eating so much grease-laden, fat-injected paradise. I knew I would feel miserable, and now, I do. So, I decided to come here and share it. I got my money's worth, that's for sure!

So, having skipped a week in posting here, and having no good news to share, and basically wallowing in regret, this all should be a nice awakening for me. I hope so.

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