Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 6: 181 pounds

Well, consistency thy name is me! Not once this week did I do anything athletic. But God will get me for this. It is snowing like a mutha, and won't stop for a couple days, and that means shoveling. Yes! Cardio!!

Of course, I have a 16 year old in excellent shape who can do it too, and what dad in my position wouldn't send him out to do it? Weren't we all sent out by our parents to brave the elements and get that damn driveway down to blacktop full width? Is that just me? I should call my dad...

Anyway, built-in excuse at the ready, I plan to do the shoveling myself. My son has homework anyway (unless there is a snow day; hey, I can wish too!). After the shoveling is done, while I'm all sweaty and tired anyway, would be a good time to hit the ol' treadmill.

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